Origin: England  
Last update/review: February 14, 2006

Dukes Of Nothing

Drawing members from three respected British bands, Dukes Of Nothing put out a short CD (really almost an EP) of punky metal in 2002, kind of like crossing Motorhead with straight punk and a slight Southern influence.

Last Lineup

Tony Sylvester


Stuart O'Hara

guitars (ex-Acrimony)

Dean Berry

guitars (Capricorns, ex-Iron Monkey)

Doug Dalziel

bass (ex-Iron Monkey)

Chris Turner

drums (Capricorns, Orange Goblin)


War & Wine  
2002 Eccentric Man
  1. War & Wine
  2. God V. The Nudge
  3. 31st Round
  4. Miss Fortune
  5. Don’t Stop For Red
  6. Riding
  7. Two Grams
  8. White Damage
  • Tony Sylvester
  • Stuart O'Hara
  • Dean Berry
  • Doug Dalziel
  • Chris Turner

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