Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Last update/review: May 6, 2015

David Shankle Group

One-time Manowar guitarist David Shankle strikes out on his own, with the cleverly-titled band name David Shankle Group, the Manowar connection furthered by signing to Joey DeMaio's Magic Circle Records for the debut release, Ashes To Ashes. The album is perhaps half of what one might expect. Traditional, 80's-style American metal? Absolutely. Manowar cloning? Not a bit -- Trace Zaber sounds nothing like Eric Adams, for starters (the style isn't that different, but his voice his), and some subtle keyboards give the band a more accessible edge, moreover the songs are less anthemic than Manowar. Nonetheless, Manowar fans would probably like this, as well as anyone into the classic sound of the 80's-- granted, this isn't groundbreaking stuff, but it's competantly done and worth a listen. Shankle recruited an all-new lineup for his second album, 2007's Hellborn, and yet another lineup is in place for 2015's Still A Warrior.

Current Members

Warren Halvarson

vocals (Damien Thorne)

David Shankle

guitars (ex-Manowar)

Mike Streicher


Gabriel Anthony


Former Members/Guests

Trace Edward Zaber


Dennis Hirschauer


Brian Gordon

bass (ex-Ion Vein)

Jeff Kylloe


Eddie Bethishou

keyboards (ex-Mindwarp Chamber)

Eddie Foltz

drums (Amulance)

Brad Sabathne



Ashes To Ashes  
2003 Magic Circle
  1. Ashes To Ashes
  2. A Raven At Midnight
  3. The Widows Grief
  4. The Widows Peak
  5. Calling All Heroes
  6. Curse of the Pharaoh
  7. The Tolling of the Bell
  8. Secrets
  9. Madness
  10. Back to Heaven
  11. Masquerade
  12. The Magic of the Chords
  13. Voice of Authority
  14. Daydreams*
  15. Jezebel*
  • Trace Edward Zaber
  • David Shankle
  • Brian Gordon
  • Eddie Bethishou
  • Eddie Foltz

2007 Magic Circle
  1. Asylum God
  2. The Lie
  3. Bleeding Hell
  4. Living For Nothing
  5. Left To Die
  6. Hellborn
  7. The Tyrant
  8. When Is It Wicked
  9. Monster
  10. Sins And Promises
  11. Cold And Diseased
  12. No Remorse
  13. The Voyage
  • Dennis Hirschauer
  • David Shankle
  • Jeff Kylloe
  • Brad Sabathne

Still A Warrior  
2015 Pure Steel
  1. Still A Warrior
  2. Ressecution
  3. Glimpse Of Tomorrow
  4. Demonic Solo* (From the movie Jezebeth)
  5. Fuel For The Fire
  6. Eye To Eye
  7. The Hitman ()
  8. Suffer In Silence (Agenda 21)
  9. Into The Darkness
  10. Across The Line
  • Warren Halvarson
  • David Shankle
  • Mike Streicher
  • Gabriel Anthony

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