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Last update/review: January 6, 2021

Dark Quarterer

Though it may not be apparent given their discography below, Dark Quarterer may well be the oldest of all Italian bands. As far back as 1969 (!) the duo of bassist/vocalist Gianni Nepi and guitarist Fulberto Serena were playing together, and three years later the duo was joined by drummer Paolo Ninci, this trio (initially named Omega R, switching to Dark Quarterer in 1978) comprising the lineup that would eventually record a debut album some fifteen years later in 1987. The trio survived intact until 1990, when, after their second album, Serena departed. With a new guitarist in place, they recorded War Tears in 1994, but went quiet again until 2002, when Violence was recorded with yet another guitarist. Given their history, it may not be surprising that Dark Quarterer has little in common with the neoclassical or power metal style commonly associated with Italian bands. Instead, there are noticeable 70's influences at work, as well as a healthy NWOBHM sound at work, the band having a pretty unique style all their own. Nepi's vocals are variable -- he has a sort of nasally whine that sometimes is a bit much when he goes for a higher-pitched yelp, which thankfully he doesn't do that often. The band was clearly on a budget in their earlier days, with the self-titled debut in particular suffering from a rather thin production. Give them credit, though -- they've persevered through all these years and (if reviews of the newer Violence are to be believed) are still going strong.

Current Members

Gianni Nepi


Francesco Sozzi


Francesco Longhi


Paulo Ninci


Former Members/Guests

Fulberto Serena


Sandro Tersetta



Dark Quarterer  
  1. red-hot gloveS
  2. colossus of argil
  3. gates of hell
  4. the ambush
  5. the entity
  6. dark quarterer
  • Gianni Nepi
  • Fulberto Serena
  • Paulo Ninci

The Etruscan Prophecy  
  1. Retributioner
  2. Piercing Hail
  3. The Etruscan Prophecy
  4. Devil Stroke
  5. The Last Hope
  6. Angels Of Mire
  • Gianni Nepi
  • Fulberto Serena
  • Paulo Ninci

War Tears  
  1. In The Beginning
  2. War Tears
  3. Nightmare
  4. Out Of Line
  5. Lady Scolopendra
  6. Darkness
  7. Last Paradise
  8. A Prayer For Mother Teresa Of Calcutta
  • Gianni Nepi
  • Sandro Tersetta
  • Paulo Ninci

2002 Andromeda
  1. BlacK Hole
  2. Last Breath
  3. Deep Wake
  4. Calls
  5. Rape
  6. Last Song
  • Gianni Nepi
  • Francesco Sozzi
  • Paulo Ninci

  1. Wandering In The Dark
  2. Ides Of March
  3. Pyramids Of Skulls
  4. The Blind Church
  5. Shadows Of Night
  6. Crazy White Race
  • Gianni Nepi
  • Francesco Sozzi
  • Francesco Longhi
  • Paulo Ninci

Under The Spell  VIDEO

Under The Spell - Live At Concordi Theatre  LIVE
  1. Intro
  2. Wandering in the Dark
  3. Ides of March
  4. Pyramids of Skulls
  5. The Blind Church
  6. Shadow of the Night
  7. Crazy White Race
  8. Dark Quarterer
  9. Colossus of Argil
  10. Drum Solo
  11. Retributioner
  12. Lady Scolopendra
  13. Deep Wake
  14. Last Song
  • Gianni Nepi
  • Francesco Sozzi
  • Francesco Longhi
  • Paulo Ninci

Dark Quarterer XXV Anniversary  
  1. Red Hot Gloves
  2. Colossus of Argil
  3. Gates of Hell
  4. The Ambush
  5. The Entity
  6. Dark Quarterer
  • Gianni Nepi
  • Francesco Sozzi
  • Francesco Longhi
  • Paulo Ninci

2015 Metal On Metal
  1. The Path of Life
  2. Night Song
  3. Mind Torture
  4. Escape
  5. Nostalgia
  6. Rage of Gods
  7. Last Fight
  • Gianni Nepi
  • Francesco Sozzi
  • Francesco Longhi
  • Paulo Ninci

2020 Cruz Del Sur
  1. Vesuvius
  2. Welcome to the Day of Death
  3. Panic
  4. Plinius the Elder
  5. Gladiator
  6. Forever
  • Gianni Nepi
  • Francesco Sozzi
  • Francesco Longhi
  • Paulo Ninci

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