Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Last update/review: November 21, 2002

Darklin Reach

A rather obscure release from 1992, Darklin Reach's Where Evil Dwells screams mid-eighties indie metal, fitting in comfortably with early Metal Blade bands of that era. The production (courtesy of Jon Oliva and Steve Wacholz of Savatage, no less) is a bit thin, which makes this album sound even more like an independent release of the eighties. A find for 80's nostalgia fans, but not very contemporary, and though all the elements for good 80's metal are here, the album as a whole doesn't really stand out as anything special.

Last Lineup

Alan Pangelinan


Ed Chapa


Tony Divozzo



Where Evil Dwells  
1992 Progressive
  • Alan Pangelinan
  • Ed Chapa
  • Tony Divozzo

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