Origin: San Diego, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: November 11, 2003
Last update/review: January 17, 2017


San Diego-based Daemos debuted in 1998 with a self-titled EP, followed by a full-length album, Facing Down, in 2001. Their style is a harsh, power-thrash style, with inventive riffs and angry, vaguely hardcore-ish vocals.

Current Members

Eric Nunes


Victor Baddour


Matan Chaffee

bass/backing vocals

Kevin Wood


Former Members/Guests

Jason St. Aubin

bass/backing vocals


Dying God  EP
1998 self-released
  1. On The Rocks
  2. Two Deaths
  3. My Dying God

Facing Down  
2001 self-released
  1. Reflection
  2. Clik
  3. Molded In Clay
  4. Rely On Denial
  5. Resistance
  6. Eye
  7. Exhale The Dry
  8. Room 512
  • Eric Nunes
  • Victor Baddour
  • Jason St. Aubin
  • Kevin Wood

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