Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: August 20, 2012


This Swedish band released a slew of demos in the mid-eighties but only managed one official release, a 3-track EP in 1998 (though apparently several demo compilations came out years later). It's too bad, since their brand of technical thrash was quite good for the time. Note: no relation to the Ohio metal band Damien.

Last Lineup

Tommie Agrippa

vocals (ex-Hexenhaus)

Lawrence West


Marre Martini

bass/backing vocals

Mike Thorn



Requiem For The Dead  EP
  1. Not A Pleasant Way To Die
  2. Death Is Part Of The Process
  3. Knights Of The Realm
  • Tommie Agrippa
  • Lawrence West
  • Marre Martini
  • Mike Thorn

  1. Egypt Eyes
  2. Death Awaits
  3. Hammer of the Gods
  4. Free as the Wind
  5. The Watcher
  6. In for the Kill
  7. The Damnation (Intro)
  8. Onslaught without Mercy
  9. Tales of Osiris
  10. I’m your Nightmare
  11. Pounding the World
  12. Memorendum
  13. Rest in Pieces
  14. Soldier of Death
  15. Hell on Earth
  16. One must Die
  17. Hide and Seek
  18. Final Day
  19. Not a Pleasant way to Die
  20. Death is Part of the Process
  21. Knights of the Realm
  22. Knights of the Realm (1986 Original Version)

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