Origin: Portland, Oregon, USA  
Genres: Stoner Rock
Page online: March 12, 2008
Last update/review: March 12, 2008


Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Danava clearly has no use for modern metal. Their debut, self-titled release screams 70's metal, with a faint spacey/psychedelic edge that brings the band close to stoner rock territory (though they don't quite fit that description). There's a healthy Black Sabbath influence here (no surprise there), though it's more of the late-70's Sabbath stylings rather than the prototypical doom sound that most people associate with a Sabbath-inspired band. The songs are drawn-out (there are only five songs, and in fact Danava is often listed as an EP, but the running time is 45 minutes, with the shortest song being six minutes in length), full of jams and riffs and energy, and vocalist Dusty Sparkles' clear, reverbed vocals heighten the 70's feel. This is seriously fun to listen to, and like any good retro experience, a familiar yet unique breath of fresh air.

Current Members

Dusty Sparkles (Gregory Meleney)


Peter Hughes

rhythm guitar

Dominic Casciato


Matthew Oliver


Former Members/Guests

Andrew Forgash

rhythm guitar

Dell Blackwell


Jarred Rockwell


Buck Rothy (Monte Mattsson)



2006 Kemado
  1. By the Mark
  2. Eyes In Disguise
  3. Quiet Babies Astray In a Manger
  4. Longdance
  5. Maudie Shook
  • Dusty Sparkles
  • Dell Blackwell
  • Jarred Rockwell
  • Buck Rothy

2008 Kemado
  1. UnonoU
  2. Where Beauty & Terror Dance
  3. The Emerald Snow Of Sleep
  4. A High Or A Low
  5. Spinning Temple Shifting
  6. Down From A Cloud, Up From the Ground
  7. One Mind Gone Separate Ways
  • Dusty Sparkles
  • Dell Blackwell
  • Jarred Rockwell
  • Buck Rothy

Hemisphere Of Shadows  
2011 Kemado
  1. Shoot Straight With A Crooked Gun
  2. White Nights Of Murder
  3. The Last Goodbye
  4. I Am The Skull
  5. Riding Hood
  6. The Illusion Crawls
  7. Hemisphere Of Shadows
  8. Dying Into Light
  • Dusty Sparkles
  • Andrew Forgash
  • Dell Blackwell
  • Matthew Oliver

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