Origin: Syracuse, New York, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: September 23, 2020
Last update/review: September 23, 2020


Syracuse's Deadrider plays a rather basic yet effective form of retro speed/thrash metal on their self-released 2017 Reaper album. Typical of retro bands, there's not a lot of originality here, but per usual the band is tight and energetic. Arguably the band slants a bit more toward early 80's speed metal than the more typical thrash style.

Current Members

John Bustos


Mike Losert


Antonio Labbe



2017 independent
  1. Start a Fight
  2. Heavy Metal Deadride
  3. Intro (Hell Is upon You)
  4. Souls and Bones
  5. Iron Angel
  6. Brainwashed
  7. Through the Trenches
  8. Rhetoric
  • John Bustos
  • Mike Losert
  • Antonio Labbe

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