Origin: New Jersey, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal, Power Metal
Page online: June 5, 2006
Last update/review: June 7, 2008

Delian League

This Jersey-based band released an interesting album in 2005 by the name of Truth In Chaos, a progressive/power/thrash affair featuring some good guitar work, inventive drumming, and forceful, Hetfield-inspired vocals. One of those albums that is familiar yet not derivative of any one band, Chaos might have been the start of something big for these guys, but they split up in 2006.

Last Lineup

Jude Andrade


Richard Broadhead


David Hatfield


Shane Boulos

bass (Toxik)

Joe Dooling



Truth In Chaos  
2005 Screaming Ferret
  1. The Embrace
  2. Epoch of Hate
  3. Dejected
  4. Lost in Sin
  5. Star the Cross
  6. The Questioning
  7. Days of Regret
  8. Your Casualty
  9. Final Day
  10. Trapped Inside
  • Jude Andrade
  • Richard Broadhead
  • David Hatfield
  • Shane Boulos
  • Joe Dooling

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