Origin: England  
Genres: NWOBHM
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Deep Switch

A strange entity no matter how you look at it, Deep Switch was a British band who emerged during the NWOBHM movement, releasing a single album entitled Nine Inches Of God in 1986. This is a band out of time and out of place, their image a strange Rocky Horror-styled theatrical show and their music running the gamut from heavier NWOBHM fare to tracks such as the syrupy ballad "Lovers Of The Dream" and "Time Machine" with its oddly poppy intro. Kudos to the guys for at least throwing a lot of different ideas out there, but this does make for an inconsistent listen. There really wasn't anyone else who looked or sounded like this in 1986, and maybe that was their undoing. Nine Inches Of God is a strange release, no question about it, quirky and odd but one of those curious breath-of-fresh-air albums that are cool to listen to when the mood for something different strikes. Shadow Kingdom Records re-released the album with a slew of bonus demo tracks in 2010.

Last Lineup

Dave McDonough


Reverend Nice


Andy Boyle


Simon DeMontford



Nine Inches Of God  
  1. Pigfeeder!
  2. Time Machine
  3. Nine Inches of God!
  4. The Poison Lake
  5. The Dark Angel
  6. Lovers of the Dream
  7. Poor Bastard!
  8. Spinning on the Wheel
  • Dave McDonough
  • Reverend Nice
  • Andy Boyle
  • Simon DeMontford

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