Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Power Metal
Last update/review: August 27, 2004


Defender is the solo project of one Philip Von Segebaden, former guitarist for the death metal band Afflicted. Here the focus is not on death metal, but on power metal as is popular in Europe these days. But while many modern Euro power metal bands follow a very similar style, Defender's varied influences give the band a bit of an edge. There's some Iron Maiden melody, a bit of Manowar majesty, a slice of medieval-sounding riffs a la The Lord Weird Slough Feg, and capped by midrange vocals that are forceful but never overbearing. They Came Over The High Pass isn't quite groundbreaking, but it's good to hear a power metal band that manages to stray just a bit off the beaten path.

Von Segebaden currently plays in the band Dawn, and it appears that this project is on hold for the time being, if not disbanded.

Last Lineup

Michael van de Graff


Philip Von Segebaden

guitars/bass (ex-Afflicted, ex-Cranium, Dawn)

Peter Nagy

drums (A Canorous Quintet, Mörk Gryning, This Ending)


They Came Over The High Pass  
1999 Necropolis
  1. They Came Over The High Pass
  2. The Siege Of Armengar
  3. High Himalayan Valley
  4. Summit Day
  5. Dragon
  6. City In The Clouds
  7. Maze Of The Minotaur
  • Michael van de Graff
  • Philip Von Segebaden
  • Peter Nagy

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