Origin: San Jose, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: November 7, 2009
Last update/review: November 7, 2009


Dekapitator served as a sister band of sorts of Exhumed, employing a speed/thrash style rather than the gory death metal of their other band. They released two albums eight years apart, and more or less announced their retirement in the summer of 2009.

Last Lineup

Matt Harvey

guitars/vocals (Exhumed, Gruesome)

Derrel Houdashelt

guitars (ex-Exhumed)

Dan Bulldoze


Col Jones

drums (ex-Exhumed)


We Will Destroy ... You Will Obey  
  1. One Shot, One Kill
  2. Release the Dogs
  3. We Will Destroy...You Will Obey
  4. Hell's Metal
  5. Make Them Die
  6. Possessed With Damnation
  7. Thundering Legions
  8. Faceripper
  9. Attack With Mayhem
  10. T.F.S. (Total Fucking Slaughter)
  11. Haunted by Evil
  • Matt Harvey
  • Dan Bulldoze
  • Col Jones

The Storm Before The Calm  
2007 Relapse
  1. The Storm Before the Calm
  2. Toxic Sanctuary
  3. Deathstrike Command
  4. Run With the Pack
  5. The Call to Combat
  6. Eye of the Storm
  7. Earthscorcher
  8. Screams From the Holocaust
  9. The Scourging
  • Matt Harvey
  • Derrel Houdashelt
  • Dan Bulldoze
  • Col Jones

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