Origin: Bristol, England  
Genres: Christian Metal, Thrash Metal
Page online: February 21, 2017
Last update/review: February 21, 2017


Detritus debuted in 1990 with Perpetual Defiance, a thrash album that basically sounded like any number of albums released during the boom of the thrash genre. Apart from their Christian lyrical stance, there really wasn't much to make them stand out from the crowd. After two albums they were done.

Last Lineup

Mark Broomhead

vocals/bass (Seventh Angel)

Earl Morris


Andy Neal


Andy Bright



Perpetual Defiance  
1990 Under One Flag
  1. Subliminal Division
  2. Point of No Return
  3. Playing with Fire
  4. Taste the Blood
  5. Morbid Curiosity
  6. No Mercy
  7. Child
  8. Eviction
  9. Derange
  10. O.T.T.
  • Mark Broomhead
  • Earl Morris
  • Andy Neal
  • Andy Bright

If But For One  
1993 R.E.X.
  1. Masquerade
  2. So Far Away
  3. D.I.G.M.
  4. Let Peace Begin with Me
  5. Feel
  6. Blindly Rejected
  7. If but for One
  8. Sailors Farewell
  9. Father to Son
  10. Painted Reality
  11. As It Reigns
  12. Subtle Shades
  • Mark Broomhead
  • Earl Morris
  • Andy Neal
  • Andy Bright

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