Origin: Austria  
Genres: Death Metal, Thrash Metal
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Page online: May 3, 2020
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Disharmonic Orchestra

Austrian weirdos Disharmonic Orchestra have been playing by their own rules ever since their inception in 1998, clearly playing what they want rather than following trends. During their formative years they were firmly in the grindy death metal mold, and that style was in full force on their full-length debut, 1990's Expositionsprophylaxe. Four years and two albums later, their style was noticeably different, as Pleasuredome trades the death metal for a sort of chaotic, jumpy, progressive thrash. They broke up soon after that album's release in 2005, with two-thirds of the lineup coming back together in 2001. Their most recent output, 2016's Fear Of Angst, continues the progression, resulting in a more toned-down, slightly slower version of Pleasuredome, but keeping the frenzied drumming, angry vocals, and quirky riffs, all of which have, in one form or another, been the band's trademarks.

Current Members

Patrick Klopf


Holmar Wotawa


Martin Messner


Former Members/Guests

Herwig Zamernick



Successive Substitution  EP
1989 Nuclear Blast
  1. Inexorable Logic
  2. Unsupported by Evidence
  3. Successive Substitution
  • Patrick Klopf
  • Herwig Zamernick
  • Martin Messner

1990 Nuclear Blast
  1. Introphlaxe
  2. Inexorable Logic
  3. Life Disintegrating
  4. Sick Dishonourableness
  5. Successive Substitution
  6. Accelerated Evolution
  7. Psycoanalysis
  8. Quintessentially
  9. Unnecessary Institution
  10. Hypophysis
  11. Disappeared With Hermaphrodite Choids
  12. Disharmonisation
  13. The Unequalled Visual Response Mechanism
  • Patrick Klopf
  • Herwig Zamernick
  • Martin Messner

Not To Be Undimensional Conscious  
1992 Nuclear Blast
  1. Perishing Passion
  2. A Mental Sequence
  3. Addicted
  4. Seas With Missing Pleasure
  5. The Return Of The Living Beat
  6. Idiosyncrasy
  7. Like Madness From Above
  8. Time Frame
  9. Mind Seduction
  • Patrick Klopf
  • Herwig Zamernick
  • Martin Messner

1994 Steamhammer/SPV
  1. Hyperact
  2. Recommended Suicide
  3. The Silence I Observe
  4. Feel Like Fever Now
  5. The Sick Deepunder
  6. Getting Me Nowhere
  7. Pleasuredome
  8. Stuck In Something
  9. Fall Colours Fall
  10. Overwhelming Tranquility
  11. Where Can I Park My Horse
  12. Off The Road
  13. Sunday mood
  • Patrick Klopf
  • Herwig Zamernick
  • Martin Messner

2002 Nuclear Blast
  1. Plus One
  2. R.U.S.M.T.S.I.M.
  3. Supervision
  4. Nine9nine
  5. Grit Your Teeth
  6. Keep Falling Down
  7. Dual Peepholes
  8. If This Is It, It Isn't It, Is It?
  9. Idiosyncrated
  10. The Love I Hate
  11. Pain Of Existence
  12. Mindshaver
  13. I.M.S.M.T.S.U.R.
  • Patrick Klopf
  • Herwig Zamernick
  • Martin Messner

Fear Of Angst  
2016 independent
  1. Fear of Angst
  2. Flushing the Primary
  3. Innamorato
  4. Aura
  5. Protone Radius
  6. The Venus Between Us
  7. Rascal in Me
  8. Flambition
  9. Down to Earth
  • Patrick Klopf
  • Holmar Wotawa
  • Martin Messner

Raw  EP
  1. The Love I Hate
  2. Accelerated Evolution
  3. Keep Falling Down
  4. The Return of the Living Beat
  • Patrick Klopf
  • Holmar Wotawa
  • Martin Messner

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