Origin: Germany  
Last update/review: May 1, 2003


Digger was a footnote in the long history of the well-known band Grave Digger. After that band's third album failed to sell, the record label recommended a name and style change, and so Digger was born. The result was Stronger Than Ever, a less metallic, more hard rockish affair, presumably geared toward a more mainstream audience. The plan didn't work, though, as the album got poor reviews and sold terribly, and in fact the band broke up soon afterward. It would be six years before vocalist Chris Boltendahl and guitarist Uwe Lulis regrouped, recruited new members, and recorded a demo that eventually led to the continuation of Grave Digger.

Last Lineup

Chris Boltendahl

vocals (Grave Digger)

Uwe Lulis

guitars (Accept, ex-Grave Digger, ex-Rebellion)

C.F. Brank

bass (ex-Grave Digger)

Albert Eckardt

drums (ex-Grave Digger)


Stronger Than Ever  
1987 Noise
  1. Wanna Get Close
  2. Don't Leave Me Lonely
  3. Stronger Than Ever
  4. Moonriders
  5. Lay It On
  6. I Don't Need Your Love
  7. Listen to the Music
  8. Stay Till the Morning
  9. Stand Up And Rock
  10. Shadows of the Past
  • Chris Boltendahl
  • Uwe Lulis
  • C.F. Brank
  • Albert Eckardt

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