Origin: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Page online: December 6, 2019
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Demon Eye

For a band whose songs aren't terribly complex, Demon Eye's style is a bit hard to pigeonhole. 2017's Prophecies And Lies (the band's third full-length) reveals that at their core they are a retro, 70's-inspired metal band, with occasional doom inflections as well as some vague occult leanings, but also featuring some fine Iron Maiden-inspired harmonized guitarwork and generally a bit more upbeat than their doom influences might imply. The production matches the style -- very analog-sounding, a sound that brings to mind bands like Witchcraft who deliberately sound like they were recorded in the 70's.

Current Members

Erik Sugg


Larry Burlison

lead guitar

Paul Walz


Bill Eagen



Shades Of Black  EP
2013 independent
  1. Hecate
  2. Witch's Blood
  3. Shades of Black
  4. Fires of Abalam
  5. Devil Knows the Truth
  6. Silent One
  • Erik Sugg
  • Larry Burlison
  • Paul Walz
  • Bill Eagen

Leave The Light  
2014 Soulseller
  1. Hecate
  2. Shades of Black
  3. Secret Sect
  4. Adversary
  5. Edge of a Knife
  6. Witch's Blood
  7. Fires of Abalam
  8. Devil Knows the Truth
  9. The Banishing
  10. From Beyond
  11. Silent One
  • Erik Sugg
  • Larry Burlison
  • Paul Walz
  • Bill Eagen

Tempora Infernalia  
2015 Soulseller
  1. End of Days
  2. Listen to the Darkness
  3. I'll Be Creeping
  4. See the Signs
  5. Poison Garden
  6. In the World, Not of It
  7. Black Winds
  8. Give Up the Ghost
  9. Please, Father
  10. Sons of Man
  • Erik Sugg
  • Larry Burlison
  • Paul Walz
  • Bill Eagen

Prophecies And Lies  
2017 Soulseller
  1. The Waters and the Wild
  2. In the Spider’s Eye
  3. The Redeemer
  4. Kismet
  5. Infinite Regress
  6. Dying for It
  7. Politic Devine
  8. Power of One
  9. Vagabond
  10. Prophecies and Lies
  11. Morning’s Son
  • Erik Sugg
  • Larry Burlison
  • Paul Walz
  • Bill Eagen

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