Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada  
Genres: Black Metal, Traditional Metal
Page online: February 7, 2015
Last update/review: February 7, 2015


This Toronto trio is a bit of an oddity. At the core Demontage seems to be going for a dark, epic feel, sort of a cross between, say, a darker Brocas Helm and a looser, more frenetic Manilla Road (though that description doesn't really do the band justice) with the tinny guitars, made all the more so by a trebly, thin production that screams underground indie 80's metal, featuring a distinct black metal element that differentiates this band from pretty much anyone else playing an otherwise similar style of metal. The songs are longish and rather drawn out, but not in a ponderous way, rather they're quite energetic and frequently changing riffs in an almost freeform manner. This doesn't easily slot anywhere and it certainly isn't contemporary given when this was released (reviewed here is the second album, 2010's The Principle Extinction). Well worth a listen for those seeking something a bit different.

Current Members



Perverted Priest (Paul Posilovic)


Abominatrix (Jean-Marcel Casey)



Sacrilege 'n Miscreancy  
  1. Heavy Metal Miscreants
  2. Desastrophies of War
  3. Mutation Meltdown
  4. The Black Brew
  5. Carrion Race
  6. Demontage
  • Spatilomantis
  • Perverted Priest
  • Abominatrix

The Principle Extinction  
2010 Shadow Kingdom
  1. Entourage of Demons Dances
  2. Accursed Saboteur
  3. The Principal Extinction
  4. The Malignant Paradigm
  5. Satan of Self (The Warrior) & Seer of Truths (The Conjurer)
  6. A Thousand Dooms
  • Spatilomantis
  • Perverted Priest
  • Abominatrix

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