Origin: Finland  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Page online: May 23, 2007
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If there was one band for whom the tag "atmospheric doom" would best apply, it might well be Dolorian. Starting with the self-titled effort in 2001 (actually their second album) and continuing with their recent Voidwards, this Finnish trio has established an original, dark, melancholic, formless musical style. Doom often focuses on crushing guitar riffs and strong, sometimes even operatic vocals, but Dolorian doesn't really rely on either, as the guitars are often understated and the vocals almost an afterthought, usually whispered or distant growls -- this is closer to (but not the same as) funeral doom along the lines of, perhaps, Shape Of Despair. These guys have truly mastered the art of setting a bleak, meandering, yet compelling mood. The songs tend to blend together during listening, though one does stand out for brilliance, that being "Blue Unknown" from the self-titled album -- a masterpiece. Overall, it can be a bit much at times (for some, it might work better in smaller doses), and the lack of toe-tapping, straightforward songs might be offputting to some, but this is a unique take on atmospheric doom, and highly recommended.

Current Members

Anti Ittna Haapapuro


Ari Kukkohovi


Jussi Ontero

keyboards (ex-Burning Point)


When All The Laughter Has Gone  
1999 Wounded Love
  1. Desolated Colours
  2. My Weary Eyes
  3. A Part Of Darkness
  4. When All The Laughter Has Gone
  5. Collapsed
  6. Fields
  7. With Scorn / Perish
  • Anti Ittna Haapapuro
  • Ari Kukkohovi
  • Jussi Ontero

2001 Wounded Love
  1. grey Rain
  2. Blue Unknown
  3. Hidden/Rising
  4. Cold/colourless
  5. Nails
  6. Numb Lava
  7. Ambiguous Ambivalence
  8. Seclusion
  9. Faces
  • Anti Ittna Haapapuro
  • Ari Kukkohovi
  • Jussi Ontero

2006 Avantgarde
  1. Dual – Void – Trident
  2. In The Locus Of Bone
  3. Co-il-lusion
  4. Ivory Artery
  5. The Flow Of Seething Visions
  6. The One Whose Name Has No End
  7. The Absolute Halo Is Awakening
  8. Epoch Of Cyclosure
  9. The Fire Which Burns Not
  10. Raja Naga - Rising
  • Anti Ittna Haapapuro
  • Ari Kukkohovi
  • Jussi Ontero

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