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Genres: NWOBHM
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Page online: March 31, 2015
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Deep Machine

Talk about a debut album a long time in the making. Deep Machine was part of the NWOBHM scene, formed back in 1979, gaining a bit of notoriety for a couple of reasons, one being that founder Bob Hooker tried out for (and almost got) the guitarist gig in Iron Maiden back in the day. In those early days several notable players came and went, among them a couple of fellows from Tokyo Blade and perhaps most famously, Angel Witch founder Kevin Heybourne, who actually briefly replaced Hooker here in between stints with the Witch. From the mid-eighties until the late 2000's the band was dead, but Hooker got the itch to try again in 2009, initially with the old Tokyo Blade pair in tow but eventually recruiting an all-new lineup to finally move forward. And after a couple of EPs, the long-awaited proper full-length album, Rise Of The Machine, was finally released. And while this may be a 2014 release, it might as well have been released in 1980, since this is Priest/Maiden/NWOBHM fare through and through, though with a few nods to modernism at least in the production department to keep this from sounding stale. Nice to see bands like this finally breaking through.

Current Members

Lenny Baxter


Bob Hooker


Nick East


John Riley

bass (Cryptic Shift)

Charlie Towler


Former Members/Guests

Nigel Martindale



Deep Machine  EP
2011 High Roller
  1. Demon Preacher
  2. Asylum
  3. Witchild
  4. Deep Machine
  • Lenny Baxter
  • Bob Hooker
  • Nigel Martindale
  • John Riley
  • Charlie Towler

Whispers In The Black  EP
2012 High Roller
  1. Whispers in the Black
  2. Iron Cross
  3. Killer
  • Lenny Baxter
  • Bob Hooker
  • Nick East
  • John Riley
  • Charlie Towler

Rise Of The Machine  
2014 High Roller
  1. The Wizard
  2. The Gathering
  3. The Gladiator
  4. War Head
  5. Black Priestess
  6. Hell Forest
  7. Witchild
  8. Celebrophile
  9. Killer
  10. Whispers in the Black
  11. Iron Cross
  • Lenny Baxter
  • Bob Hooker
  • Nick East
  • John Riley
  • Charlie Towler

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