Origin: England  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Page online: December 1, 2017
Last update/review: May 1, 2022


Hailing from the United Kingdom, Darkher is the solo project of vocalist Jayn Wissenberg, and on the heels of a 2014 EP comes the debut full-length album Realms in 2016, with Jayn really the driving force (her husband, guitarist Martin, and guest drummer Shaun Taylor-Steels are really just supporting cast members). From a metallic standpoint, Realms aligns closest to doom metal, but this is not your typical crushing Sabbathy doom. Rather, this is sparse, ambient, emotive, and largely acoustic music, with some slight post- and folk metal elements making appearances. Jayn's graceful vocals set the tone, evoking moods dark and foreboding but not dreary. An occasional soundalike might be the mighty The 3rd And The Mortal in their early days, as they also had a take on ambient doom metal with the focus on ambient, though their early albums were a bit more metallic in nature. Realms is an impressive album from someone who surely is destined for bigger things, metal or not.

Current Members

Jayn Maiven


Christopher Smith


Former Members/Guests

Martin Wissenberg


Shaun Taylor-Steels (guest)

drums (ex-Anathema, ex-My Dying Bride, ex-Solstice)


The Kingdom Field  EP
  1. Ghost Tears
  2. Hung
  3. Foregone
  4. The Kingdom Field

2016 Prophecy
  1. Spirit Waker
  2. Hollow Veil
  3. Moths
  4. Wars
  5. The Dawn Brings A Saviour
  6. Buried Pt. I
  7. Buried Pt. II
  8. Foregone
  9. Lament
  • Jayn Maiven
  • Martin Wissenberg
  • Shaun Taylor-Steels

The Buried Storm  
2022 Prophecy
  1. Sirens Nocturne
  2. Lowly Weep
  3. Unbound
  4. Where The Devil Waits
  5. Love's Sudden Death
  6. The Seas
  7. Immortals
  8. Fear Not, My King
  • Jayn Maiven
  • Christopher Smith

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