Origin: Brampton, Ontario, Canada  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: March 17, 2018
Last update/review: March 17, 2018


Droid is a Canadian trio that released its debut album in 2017 in the form of Terrestrial Mutations. The band's brand of inventive technical thrash and sci-fi lyrics have evoked comparisons to recent Vektor to mind, and that's not a bad call, but the best soundalike is likely mid-period Voivod, due to the clearly Piggy-influenced guitarwork of Jacob Montgomery (who's also responsible for the somewhat shouted old-school thrash vocals) and general song structures. This is not an easy style to play, but Droid does it admirably -- hopefully Mutations is the start of something bigger.

Current Members

Jacob Montgomery


Michael Gabor


Sebastian Alcamo



Disconnected  EP
2015 independent
  1. Matricide
  2. Breach Oblivion
  3. Cosmic Debt
  4. Chemical Fusion
  5. Astral Revisions
  6. Far Reach
  • Jacob Montgomery
  • Michael Gabor
  • Sebastian Alcamo

Terrestrial Mutations  
2017 Nightbreaker
  1. Amorphous Forms (Shapeless Shadows)
  2. Suspended Animation
  3. Abandoned Celestial State
  4. Terrestrial Mutation
  5. Pain of Reincarnation
  6. Temptations of Terminal Progress
  7. Cosmic Debt
  8. Excommunicated
  9. Mission Drift
  • Jacob Montgomery
  • Michael Gabor
  • Sebastian Alcamo

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