Origin: England  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: February 3, 2002


Gritty, energetic British thrash from a time when the thrash field was already oversaturated. Another in the "not bad, not really memorable" category, typical of the period.

Last Lineup

Jon Van Doorn


Dave Brunt


Stuart Ranger


Brad Sims



At The Edge Of Damnation  
1987 Metalother
  1. In The Name Of God
  2. Demonic Attack
  3. At The Edge Of Damnation
  4. Exorcist
  5. Leaving Your Life Behind
  6. Dance Of The Dead
  7. For Evil Done
  8. Sword Of Justice
  9. Forces Of Darkness

Demon Preacher  
1989 GWR
  1. Death Procession
  2. Demon Preacher
  3. Carrion
  4. Visions of Insanity
  5. Symptom Of The Universe
  6. Wall Of Lies
  7. Prey To The Lord
  8. Fatal Attraction
  9. Past Life

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