Origin: Wadsworth, Ohio, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: January 17, 1999
Last update/review: September 12, 2000


Standard late-80's thrash, played by one of the youngest-looking bands I've ever seen. Not a lot of points for originality (granted, classic thrash of this style isn't really in vogue right now), though the musicianship, production and execution are all up to par. Could develop into something special given some time to mature. -- that is, if they're still around.

Last Lineup

Jason Venner


Mark Agnesi


Matt Agnesi


Jeremy Kostko



Awakened By Reality  
1996 Fortunate
  1. Third World
  2. Relative Agression
  3. One Last Chance
  4. After Hours
  5. Deliverance Of Denial
  6. Awakened By Reality
  7. Subconscious
  8. The Deceiver
  9. Apocalypse
  10. Quiet Chaos
  • Jason Venner
  • Mark Agnesi
  • Matt Agnesi
  • Jeremy Kostko

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