Origin: England  
Last update/review: July 12, 2015

English Dogs (1)

This is one of two recent bands both going by the name English Dogs, a descendent or continuation of the original band English Dogs, here featuring core members Adie, Gizz, and Pinch, formed around 2011.

Current Members

Adie Bailey

vocals (ex-English Dogs)

Gizz (Graham Butt)

guitars/vocals (ex-English Dogs, ex-Pyogenesis, ex-Sabbat)

Ryan Christy


Craig Christy


Pinch (Andrew Pinching)

drums (ex-English Dogs)


The Thing With Two Heads  
2014 Candlelight
  • Adie Bailey
  • Gizz
  • Ryan Christy
  • Craig Christy
  • Pinch

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