Origin: England  
Last update/review: July 12, 2015

English Dogs (2)

This is one of two recent bands both going by the name English Dogs, a descendent or continuation of the original band English Dogs, here featuring vocalist Wakey, and forming around 2007.

Current Members

Wakey (Peter Wakefield)

vocals (ex-English Dogs)

Nicholas Jackson-Wynch


Michael Tatler


Richard Grizzwell


Former Members/Guests

Jon Murray

guitars (ex-English Dogs)

Wattie (Mark Watson)


Stuart Meadows


Jay Tatler



Tales From The Asylum  EP
  1. Fucked Up People
  2. Cemental
  3. I Need an Operation
  4. Ya Buy One Bomb
  5. Untimely Demise of a Stranger
  6. Burn
  • Wakey
  • Jon Murray
  • Wattie
  • Stuart Meadows

Get Off My Fucking Moon  EP
  1. Hotter Than a Whores Cunt
  2. Stabbin
  3. Do the Minroid
  4. Class War
  5. Beating Cunts That Fucking Deserve It
  • Wakey
  • Nicholas Jackson-Wynch
  • Michael Tatler
  • Jay Tatler

We Did, We Do, We Always Fucking Will!  
  1. Ripper on the Street
  2. Death to the Dogs
  3. Brand New Walk
  4. Society Insults Me
  5. Toot
  6. Chemical General
  7. Ross Lomas, City Baby, Ignite Books
  8. Pater Betrayal
  9. Do U C?
  10. Drugrat
  11. Never Say Never? Fuck Off, Never!
  12. Brain Disease
  13. Punk & Judy (Strangling Hands)
  14. We Did, We Do, We Always Fucking Will!
  15. Ma Baby
  • Wakey
  • Nicholas Jackson-Wynch
  • Michael Tatler
  • Richard Grizzwell

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