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As the replacement for popular vocalist Snake in Voivod, Eric Forrest had some big shoes to fill. He performed more than capably for them, but his career derailed when he suffered severe injuries in a van accident while on tour in 1998. After a long recovery he was finally ready to resume, but Voivod had broken up, or decided to move on without him (depending on what story you read), and Forrest was left without a gig. But he has rebounded successfully, landing a role in Project: Failing Flesh as well as fronting his own band, E-Force. By 2003 his new band had released its first album, Evil Forces. Inevitably, comparisons to his previous band will come, and in this case the comparisons are valid. Both musically and vocally, E-Force might be thought of as a harsher, rougher, thrashier version of Voivod (which isn't too far off how Voivod themselves sounded when Forrest was with them) -- this is by no means a copycat, but there is some similarity, certainly enough to recommend Evil Forces to Voivod fans, though that's not the only potential fan base here. After that debut, Forrest relocated to France and recruiting an all-new lineup under the E-Force name, with two subsequent albums now released.

Recent album: Mindbender, released on November 19, 2021.

Current Members

Eric Forrest

bass/vocals (Project: Failing Flesh, ex-Voivod)

Sebastien Chiffot


Patrick Friedrich


Former Members/Guests

Dan Lauzon


Bryan Donahue


Cyril Bernhard




Jérôme Point-Canovas

guitars (Loudblast)

Louis Levesque


Boris Lugan


Krof (Christophe Beard)



Evil Forces  
2003 Season Of Mist
  1. Satanic Rituals
  2. Mayhem
  3. Forest of the Impaled
  4. Germ Warfare
  5. Belief
  6. Psychopath
  7. Disorder
  8. Crypto-Sporidium
  9. Purgatory
  10. Scarring
  11. Global Warning
  • Eric Forrest
  • Dan Lauzon
  • Bryan Donahue
  • Louis Levesque

Modified Poison  
2008 Thundering
  1. Deviation
  2. Modified Poison
  3. Lobotomized
  4. Agent 99
  5. Malpractice
  6. Revolution Riot Act
  7. La Vie Cest Precieux
  8. Disillutioned
  9. Exterminator
  10. Perfexionist
  11. Wired
  12. Victory
  13. Reborn Again (Japanese bonus track)
  • Eric Forrest
  • Cyril Bernhard
  • Boris Lugan

The Curse ...  
2014 Mausoleum
  1. Invitation
  2. Perverse Media
  3. Witch Wrk
  4. Serpent's Kiss
  5. Awakened
  6. Psyclone
  7. Devoured
  8. Mass Deception
  9. Your Beloved Hate
  10. Infexxxous
  11. The Curse Of The Ct
  • Eric Forrest
  • Xav
  • Krof

2015 Mausoleum
  1. Apéro
  2. Grievance
  3. Double Edged Sword
  4. Invasion
  5. Debauchery
  6. The Day After
  7. Ultimatum
  8. Insidious
  9. Demonikhol
  10. State of Delusion
  11. Last Call
  • Eric Forrest
  • Jérôme Point-Canovas
  • Krof

2021 Mighty Music
  1. Provocation
  2. Traumatized
  3. Hellucination
  4. Hypnotic
  5. Dark Deception
  6. Futures Past
  7. Mindbender
  8. Dehumanized
  9. Delirium
  10. Deranged
  11. Insect
  • Eric Forrest
  • Sebastien Chiffot
  • Patrick Friedrich

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