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End Of Level Boss

End Of Level Boss (the term comes from video game lingo) formed when the duo of Harry Armstrong and Jim Ogawa found their previous band (Hangnail) coming to an end and they desired to continue in a somewhat new direction. Their debut album, Prologue, combines a slice of old Seattle grunge, a pinch of sludgier metal, and a fair bit of the proggy, dissonent guitar work that Voivod pioneered some time ago -- indeed, one reviewer described Prologue as a cross between Soundgarden and Voivod, and while that's a little simplistic, it does give a reasonably accurate first take on what's going on here. Harry Armstrong still sounds remarkably like Chris Cornell, just like he did in Hangnail, and that's a good thing, since many recent bands this heavy are opting for a far harsher vocal style. Prologue is an interesting debut effort from a band not afraid to be a bit different. The band has since recorded two more albums, with Armstrong now the sole original member.

Current Members

Harry Armstrong

guitars/vocals (ex-Hangnail, Orange Goblin)

Roland Scriver

guitars (ex-Sloth)

Peter Theobald

bass (ex-Akercocke)

Neil Mackay Grant


Former Members/Guests

James Ogawa

guitars (ex-Hangnail)

Elena Jane


Gareth Millsted

drums (Centurions Ghost, Lord Vicar)

Ben Hallett



2005 Exile On Mainstream
  1. Freakwaves
  2. Disjointhead
  3. Vivid
  4. Hedonophobia
  5. Noisepicker
  6. Step The Mind Gap
  7. Spine Transfer
  8. Leaving The Chemosphere
  • Harry Armstrong
  • James Ogawa
  • Elena Jane
  • Gareth Millsted

Inside The Difference Engine  
2007 Exile On Mainstream
  1. Selfishnegativbemerchant
  2. Mr. Dinosaur Is Lost
  3. Reticence
  4. Comers
  5. Words Have No Meanings
  6. Instrinktivitus
  7. End of Line
  8. Connortations
  • Harry Armstrong
  • Roland Scriver
  • Elena Jane
  • Ben Hallett

2011 Exile On Mainstream
  • Harry Armstrong
  • Roland Scriver
  • Peter Theobald
  • Neil Mackay Grant

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