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Page online: May 6, 2012
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Enemy Of The Sun

Apparently 2007 was the year that Waldemar Sorychta got the itch to play metal again. The long-time producer hadn't played regularly since his days in the on-again, off-again Grip Inc. (and that band hasn't recorded since 2004), so he decided to launch not one, but two new bands. One is the gothic band Eyes Of Eden, and the other is this here Enemy Of The Sun, the name possibly a tribute to the great Neurosis as they have an album by that name. To Sorychta's credit, the two bands are quite different from each other and also different from his past works. Moreover, given all the projects that he's done over the years, Enemy Of The Sun is clearly the least conventional, almost to the point of being indescribable. Essentially this is modern thrash with a detectable System Of A Down-style quirkiness at times (vocal lines, odd tempo/mood shifts in songs), which at times works quite well and other times seems a bit directionless. Pick a genre (death, black, thrash, progressive) and a piece will show up somewhere here, which in theory is great but in practice doesn't always work so well. The followup, 2010's Caedium, is more or less in the same vein, though perhaps a bit less diverse. To the band's credit, they are trying to be a bit different, even if everything doesn't always gel as it should.

Current Members

Jules Näveri

vocals (ex-Misery Inc.)

Waldemar Sorychta

guitars (ex-Despair, ex-Eyes Of Eden, ex-Grip Inc., guest for Moonspell, ex-ReVamp, ex-Voodoocult)

Reina Schauff


Daniel Zeman


Former Members/Guests

Alla Fedynitch

bass (ex-Atrocity, ex-Leaves' Eyes)


2007 Massacre
  1. Emptiness
  2. Burning Bridges
  3. Lives Based on Conflicts
  4. Clearly Surreal
  5. Carousel
  6. Twenty Three Feet
  7. Feel the Beating
  8. Satisfied by Ego Purposes
  9. Brain Sucking Machine
  10. Weak
  11. Liar
  12. Lost in Time
  • Jules Näveri
  • Waldemar Sorychta
  • Alla Fedynitch
  • Daniel Zeman

  1. Lithium
  2. Another End of the Rainbow
  3. I Am One
  4. Chasing the Dragon
  5. Castaways in the N.W.O.
  6. The Power of Mankind
  7. Ticket
  8. Paradigm
  9. Tryout
  10. The Golden Horizon
  11. Sky Shooting Stars
  12. Stolen Sky
  13. Aimless
  14. In Memoriam
  • Jules Näveri
  • Waldemar Sorychta
  • Alla Fedynitch
  • Daniel Zeman

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