Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Page online: January 3, 2007
Last update/review: April 24, 2007

Eden's Fall

Eden's Fall is a newish Chicago-based band who debuted in 2006 with Harmony Of Lies. Nevermore is frequently named as an influence, if not a direct soundalike, and true, these guys' brand of dark, choppy, thrash-laced American power metal does resemble Warrel Dane's mob, though vocalist John Barr doesn't sound much like Dane, instead opting for a somewhat lower-pitched snarl. The songs tend to blur a bit, but there's enough crunchy riffs to satisfy fans of bands such as the aforementioned Nevermore, Iced Earth, and the like. Aided by an excellent Dan-Swano mix, Harmony Of Lies is a fine debut, though the best may be yet to come.

Current Members

John Barr


Tony Gronowski


Aaron Sakurai


Dan Gronowski


Ray Smith


Former Members/Guests

Rob Aquino



Harmony Of Lies  
2006 Nothingheart
  1. Blur the Lines
  2. Planet Hate
  3. Lost Again
  4. Chemical Dreams
  5. Bleed
  6. Dead Thought Matrix
  7. Liquid Christ
  8. We Betray
  9. Nothingheart
  • John Barr
  • Tony Gronowski
  • Rob Aquino
  • Dan Gronowski
  • Ray Smith

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