Origin: Australia  
Genres: Doom Metal, Gothic Metal
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Last update/review: September 19, 2006


Sprawling, epic, sorrowful, romantic doom metal from this Aussie bunch (musically the style is closest to prime doomdeath, except that the vocals here are mostly clean soprano female vocals rather than death growls), at times sounding a shade like fellow Australians Virgin Black, though with a more traditional doom theme.

Current Members

Anthony Kwan


Former Members/Guests



Natasha Martincic


James Wallbridge



(MCD) Odyssey Into Darkness  
1997 Candlelight
  1. Etiolation
  2. Beyond Despair
  3. Silent Cries
  • Dieudonnee
  • Natasha Martincic
  • Anthony Kwan
  • James Wallbridge

Through The Eyes Of Regret  
2002 Modern Inv.
  1. Silence
  2. Through The Eyes Of Regret
  3. Oration Of Indifference
  4. Thoughts
  5. Etiolation
  6. A Rare Moment
  7. Pain And Elation
  8. DepletedFor Eternity
  • Dieudonnee
  • Natasha Martincic
  • Anthony Kwan

The Last Moment  
2005 Dark Symphonies
  1. The Last Moment
  2. Scars
  3. Solitude
  4. Taste
  5. Heaven's Torment
  6. Wallow
  7. Confusion
  • Dieudonnee
  • Anthony Kwan
  • James Wallbridge

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