Origin: Liechtenstein  
Genres: Gothic Metal
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Page online: September 26, 2007
Last update/review: May 6, 2012


Sadly, Elis might still be best known for the fact that the recordings for their new album in the summer of 2006. The band hails from the tiny nation of Liechtenstein, itself an accomplishment as there are hardly many world-wide bands from that country, and were working on their third album when Sabine was felled by a cerebral hemorrhage. After some deliberation, the remaining members felt they needed to continue in her honor, and eventually that third album, Griefshire, was finished and released. Stylewise, Elis fits both the geographical area (slotting alongside Dutch bands such as After Forever and Within Temptation, and others, though Elis isn't as grandiose as those others) as well as their record label, as Records has long since established itself as a home for European gothic metal bands. In general, Elis is on the lighter, safer side of gothic metal, highlighted by the vocals of Sabine (and her eventual replacement, Sandra Schleret), recording quality music but never really able to avoid being lost in the sea of gothic bands currently on the scene. Schleret left in 2011 and a third vocalist, Simone Christinat, came aboard, but with her departure in February 2012, the band decided to fold for good.

Last Lineup

Simone Christinat


Pete Streit

guitars (ex-Atrocity, ex-Leaves' Eyes)

Christian Gruber


Tom Saxer


Max Naescher


Former Members/Guests

Sabine Dünser

vocals RIP: July 8, 2006, cerebral hemorrhage

Sandra Schleret

vocals (ex-Dreams Of Sanity)

Jürgen Broger


Franco Koller


Rene Marxer



God's Silence, Devil's Temptation  
2003 Napalm
  1. Such A Long Time
  2. Where You Belong
  3. Sie erfasst mein Herz
  4. Do You Believe
  5. Engel der Nacht
  6. God's Silence
  7. Devil's Temptation
  8. Come To Me
  9. My Only Love
  10. Child
  11. Abendlied
  12. Betrayal (bonustrack on digipack)
  • Sabine Dünser
  • Pete Streit
  • Jürgen Broger
  • Tom Saxer
  • Franco Koller

Dark Clouds In A Perfect Sky  
2004 Napalm
  1. Der Letzte Tag
  2. Anger
  3. Lost Soul
  4. Perfect Love
  5. Heart in Chains
  6. Die Zeit
  7. Black Angel
  8. (The) Devil Inside You
  9. Rebirth
  10. Are You Missing Me?
  11. Ballade
  • Sabine Dünser
  • Pete Streit
  • Jürgen Broger
  • Tom Saxer
  • Rene Marxer

2006 Napalm
  1. Tales from Heaven or Hell
  2. Die Stadt
  3. Show Me the Way
  4. Brothers
  5. Seit Dem Anbeginn Der Zeit
  6. Remember the Promise
  7. Phoenix from the Ashes
  8. How Long
  9. Innocent Hearts
  10. Forgotten Love
  11. The Burning
  12. A New Decade
  • Sabine Dünser
  • Pete Streit
  • Christian Gruber
  • Tom Saxer
  • Max Naescher

2009 Napalm
  1. Core Of Live
  2. Twinkling Shadow
  3. Warrior's Tale
  4. Des Lebens Traum, des Traumes Leben
  5. I Come Undone
  6. Firefly
  7. Morning Star
  8. Das kleine Ungeheuer
  9. Mother's Fire
  10. Rainbow
  11. The Dark Bridge
  12. Ghost Of The Past (bonus on digipack)
  13. No Hero (bonus on digipack)
  • Sandra Schleret
  • Pete Streit
  • Christian Gruber
  • Tom Saxer
  • Max Naescher

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