Origin: Arlington Hts., Illinois, USA  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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Page online: March 23, 2006
Last update/review: March 23, 2006


The genre of melodic death metal was founded and perfected in Sweden, but bands from around the world have taken a stab at the Maiden-on-steroids approach pioneered by the likes of Dark Tranquillity and In Flames. Enforsaken, an Illinois-based band, is one such band, whose The Forever Endeavor album is a prime slice of said melodic death. Overall there isn't anything revolutionary here, but they do have a greater breadth of songwriting variance than others in this field, as the individual songs have their own identity rather than all sounding the sound. Endeavor will satisfy those into the genre, won't win many fans who aren't, and stands as a fine debut effort for a band with room and potential for growth.

Last Lineup

Steven Sagala


Steve Stell


Joe DeGroot


Eric Kava


David Swanson

drums (ex-Nachtmystium)

Former Members/Guests

Patrick O'Keefe



(MCD) Embraced By Misery  
  1. Of Open Wounds ...
  2. The Acting Parts
  3. Embraced By Misery
  4. Dead Light, Dead Night
  5. Into The Everblack
  6. Standing In The Shadows
  7. Incarnated Solvent Abuse (Bonus track)
  • Steven Sagala
  • Steve Stell
  • Joe DeGroot
  • Eric Kava
  • Patrick O'Keefe

The Forever Endeavor  
2004 Olympic
  1. Tales Of Bitterness
  2. The Forever Endeavor
  3. A Break From Tradidion
  4. Vertigo Equillibrium
  5. Dead Light, Dead Night
  6. Cloaked In Need
  7. The Acting Parts
  8. Poison Me
  9. Redemption
  10. All For Nothing
  • Steven Sagala
  • Steve Stell
  • Joe DeGroot
  • Eric Kava
  • David Swanson

Sinner's Intuition  
  1. Witness To The Fall
  2. Blacklist Assassin
  3. The Slain
  4. Halo of Ruin
  5. Enemy Angel
  6. Sever The Ties
  7. Words In Red
  8. The Course To Oblivion
  • Steven Sagala
  • Steve Stell
  • Joe DeGroot
  • Eric Kava
  • David Swanson

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