Origin: Joensuu, Finland  
Genres: Power Metal
Page online: February 27, 2016
Last update/review: February 27, 2016


This is a prime example of being able to judge a book by its cover, despite what that old saying may tell you. A Finnish band named Epiclore almost has to play some sort of fantasy-based symphonic or melodic power metal, and that's exactly what 2008's Labyrinth Alpha delivers. From a purely metallic standpoint, it doesn't have a lot of teeth, as the songs are upbeat and melodic and, well, nice, but without any grit. The vocals embody this even more than the music -- clear and melodic, but just not very metallic, and they (along with the production) seem a bit muted. Tailored for a specific audience, it's fine for the style, but nothing more.

Last Lineup

Olli Hurskainen


Ercci Pietilä


Petri Pulli


Panu Hurskainen



Labyrinth Alpha  
2008 independent
  1. Cold
  2. Kingdom of Ends
  3. The Mirage
  4. A Song in Solitude
  5. Labyrinth Alpha
  6. Riverball
  7. In the Final Hour
  8. Vox Dei
  • Olli Hurskainen
  • Ercci Pietilä
  • Petri Pulli
  • Panu Hurskainen

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