Origin: Fredrikstad, Norway  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: September 6, 2006


Equinox formed in 1987 and soon signed a major label contract (according to one source, the first Norwegian metal band to do so), resulting in a string of albums from 1989 to 1994. Their style was (at least early on) typical for the time though not for their origin -- American-sounding thrash was all the rage during the early nineties, but very few Norwegian bands were playing that style. By the time of 1991's Xerox Success, the band had begun to expand their influences and develop their songwriting skills, but despite a growing fan base the album didn't fare well enough to satisfy RCA, which dropped them. Three years later the band released Labyrinth, and now they were clearly on their own, as their style now mixed their earlier thrash roots with a bit of jazzy experimentalism and a dischordant tone that frequently brought Voivod to mind. This was clearly their most ambitious work, and one of the most original albums released under the thrash banner (by 1994, many other bands had come and gone without ever progressing to the level of Labyrinth) -- predictably, it divided fans, some of which appreciated the new direction and others feeling abandoned. In retrospect, this was a band that should have gotten more worldwide recognition (despite being on RCA, they weren't known terribly well outside Norway). For whatever reasons, they didn't last much past the release of Labyrinth, disbanding somewhere around 1995.

Last Lineup

Grim Stene


Skule Stene


Jørn Wangsholm


Former Members/Guests

Tommy Skarning


Ragnar Westin



Auf Weidersehen  
1989 RCA
  1. Stop!
  2. Auf Wiedersehen
  3. The King
  4. Pharaoh Dance
  5. Violins
  6. The Floating Man
  7. House of Wonders
  8. Realm of Darkness
  9. Dead By Dawn
  • Grim Stene
  • Tommy Skarning
  • Skule Stene
  • Ragnar Westin

Skrell  EP
1990 RCA
  1. Skrell
  2. Loven Slaar
  3. To Drunk to Fuck
  • Grim Stene
  • Tommy Skarning
  • Skule Stene
  • Ragnar Westin

The Way To Go  
1990 RCA
  1. Fine By Me
  2. Inner Self
  3. Skrell
  4. Godamadog
  5. Quest For Fire
  6. Conveyer Of Truth
  7. Flower Power
  8. What It Is Worth
  • Grim Stene
  • Tommy Skarning
  • Skule Stene
  • Ragnar Westin

Xerox Success  
1991 RCA
  1. Xerox Success
  2. Souls at Zero
  3. Lost Control
  4. Jabbermouth
  5. My Sweet TV
  6. Now!
  7. Slave to the Whim
  8. Nothing at All
  9. Damned
  10. Succumb to the Law
  • Grim Stene
  • Tommy Skarning
  • Skule Stene
  • Ragnar Westin

1994 Progress
  1. Sandlove
  2. Time Again
  3. But
  4. Angst
  5. Lies
  6. Labyrinth
  7. Hope is Green
  8. Poor Kelly
  9. Catharsis
  10. Dedicated
  11. Millenium
  12. Stop!
  • Grim Stene
  • Skule Stene
  • Jørn Wangsholm

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