Origin: Colchester, England  
Genres: Gothic Metal
Last update/review: May 8, 2006


By no means a typical Earache band, Entwined recorded a single album in 1998 and were never heard from again. Their style was gothic metal, a bit heavier than others in the genre, though Stephen Tovey's vocals were a minor setback -- unlike most gothic bands who employed either beauty-and-the-beast vocals, death growls, or angelic female voices, Tovey's rather strained singing didn't quite match the keyboard-enhanced riffs. There were some good ideas here and there, but in general the album was a bit lacking, and perhaps because of this, they never recorded again.

Last Lineup

Stephen John Tovey


Lee James




Mark Royce

keyboards (ex-Criminal)

James Southgate



Dancing Under Glass  
1998 Earache
  1. The Sound of Her Wings
  2. Shed Nightward Beauty
  3. Under A Killing Moon
  4. The Forgotten
  5. A Moment's Sadness
  6. The Sacrifice of Spring
  7. Red Winter
  8. Heaven Rise
  9. XIII
  • Stephen John Tovey
  • Lee James
  • Simon
  • Mark Royce
  • James Southgate

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