Origin: Hungary  
Genres: Gothic Metal
Page online: October 12, 2006
Last update/review: October 12, 2006


These Hungarians released three albums in the late nineties and afterward, before disbanding in 2002. This is lush, melodic, adventurous, symphonic, keyboard-driven gothic metal, with the usual angelic female vocals constrasting clean male vocals, with Arcturus an occasional soundalike and/or reference point. The songs tend to the long side, with plenty of light and shade, though there is a shortage of memorable riffs or songs, and neither vocalist truly distinguishes him/herself as anything more than ordinary for the style. Musicianship-wise, the band is on target, with plenty of fine keyboard and drumwork in particular on display. Overall, a decent band for the genre, and there is quite a bit to absorb here, but somehow they fall a tad short.

Last Lineup

Mihaly Szabo


Agnes Toth


Gabor Olah


Gergely Cseh


Gabor Vegh



Path Of The Angels  
1999 Displeased
  1. Path of The Angels
  2. Serpent
  3. The Fall of Archaic Heaven
  4. World Within
  5. EvenSong
  6. Oblivion
  7. Requiem For A Wingless Bird
  8. Laughter of Gods
  • Mihaly Szabo
  • Agnes Toth
  • Gabor Olah
  • Gergely Cseh
  • Gabor Vegh

Of Man's First Disobedience  
2000 Displeased
  1. Cosmic Empire
  2. Mother of All Beings
  3. Aeons of Blissful Ignorance
  4. From The Flames of Eternal Fury
  5. The First Disobedience
  6. The Conquering Worm
  • Mihaly Szabo
  • Agnes Toth
  • Gabor Olah
  • Gergely Cseh
  • Gabor Vegh

2001 Displeased
  1. The Nameless Eidolon
  2. Mysterium
  3. To The Abyss Unfathomable
  4. Whispers From The Arcane World
  5. Passing of The Elder Gods
  6. Time
  • Mihaly Szabo
  • Agnes Toth
  • Gabor Olah
  • Gergely Cseh
  • Gabor Vegh

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