Origin: Turnersville, New Jersey, USA  
Genres: Christian Metal, Traditional Metal
Page online: April 15, 2010
Last update/review: April 15, 2010

Faith Factor

Having previously fronted the old New Renaissance band Deadly Blessing back in the late 80's, vocalist Norm "Ski" Kiersznowski returns some twenty years later in a new band, Faith Factor. This is unabashed 80's underground metal worship ('worship' being somewhat of a pun, as the lyrics here are heavily Christian), bringing to mind any of the greats of the 80's like Helstar, Attacker, or the many Metal Blade artists of the day. Considering the way he used to wail back in the day, it's surprising that Ski has any voice at all, but he's still in pretty good form, still able to hit the high notes on occasion but usually sticking to a forceful midrange that is still impressive. Overall, this isn't the most adventurous of albums, even for 80's power metal, as a few more memorable hooks would go a long way, but it's a competantly performed album, and for those looking to relive underground 80's metal, one could do a lot worse.

Current Members

Blaine Booth


Chris Mitusieski


Rob Donni


Dan Jefferson


Former Members/Guests

Norm Kiersznowski

vocals (Deadly Blessing)

Joe Manghan



07-07-07  EP
2007 independent
  1. Prayer Warriors
  2. The Angel And The Butterfly
  3. Deceiver
  • Norm Kiersznowski
  • Blaine Booth
  • Chris Mitusieski
  • Joe Manghan
  • Dan Jefferson

Against A Darkened Sky  
2008 Retroactive
  1. Evila Si Eh
  2. Keep It True
  3. The Rapture
  4. In God's Shadow
  5. In Rememberance
  6. Light Replaces Darkness
  7. Armor of God
  8. Divine Temptation
  9. Ascend Unto Heaven
  10. Sinner's Prayer
  • Norm Kiersznowski
  • Blaine Booth
  • Chris Mitusieski
  • Joe Manghan
  • Dan Jefferson

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