Origin: Germany  
Genres: Viking Metal
Last update/review: January 26, 2014


Black metal seems to be one of the few genres of metal where one-man bands are commonplace, and Falkenbach is just such band, led by one Vratyas Vakyas, who once lived in Iceland but is now residing in Germany (so, make up your own mind on whether Falkenbach is an Icelandic or German band). Lyrically, the band is rooted in various Germanic and Scandinavian folklore, making Falkenback much more of a pagan/Viking band than a traditional black metal band. Musically, mid-period Bathory stands out as a prime influence, the songs being mid-paced, drawn out epics, with Vakyas alternating between clean and black singing, and with prominent keyboards providing the proper folkloric atmosphere. Two albums were recorded in 1996 and 1998, with Vakyas spending much of his time since then running his own record label, Skaldic Art Productions. Finally, in late 2003, a new album was released, the first with session musicians (three members of a Skaldic Art band named Vindsval), followed by Heralding - The Fireblade in 2005.

Current Members

Vratyas Vakyas

vocals/all instruments

Former Members/Guests

Tyrann (guest)


Hagalaz (guest)


Alboin (guest)


Bolthorn (guest)



... En Their Meh Riki Fara  
1996 No Colours
  1. Galdralag
  2. Heathenpride
  3. Laeknishendr
  4. Ultima thule
  5. Asum ok Alfum Naer
  6. Winternight
  7. Into the ardent awaited land
  • Vratyas Vakyas

... Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri  
1998 Napalm
  1. ... When Gjallarhorn Will Sound
  2. ... Where Blood Will Soon Be Shed
  3. Towards The Hall Of Bronzen Shields
  4. The Heathenish Foray
  5. Walhall
  6. Baldurs Tod
  • Vratyas Vakyas

Ok Nefna Tyvar Ty  
2003 Napalm
  1. Vanadis
  2. For As Long As The Winds Blow.
  3. Aduatuca
  4. Donar's Oak
  5. .The Ardent Awaited Land.
  6. Homeward Shore
  7. Farewell
  • Vratyas Vakyas
  • Tyrann
  • Hagalaz
  • Bolthorn
2003 Readers' Album #96

Heralding - The Fireblade  
2005 Napalm
  1. Heathen Foray
  2. Of Forests Unknown
  3. Havamal
  4. Roman Land
  5. Heralder
  6. Laeknishendr
  7. Walkiesjar
  8. Skirnir
  9. Gjallar (digipak bonus)
  • Vratyas Vakyas
  • Tyrann
  • Hagalaz
  • Bolthorn
2005 Readers' Album #74

2011 Napalm
  1. Intro
  2. ...Where His Ravens Fly...
  3. Time Between Dog and Wolf
  4. Tanfana
  5. Runes Shall You Know
  6. In Flames
  7. Sunnavend
  8. Asaland (Bonus Track)
  • Vratyas Vakyas
  • Tyrann
  • Hagalaz
  • Alboin
  • Bolthorn

2013 Prophecy
  1. Vaer Stjernar Vaerdan
  2. Wulfarweijd
  3. Mijn Laezt Wourd
  4. Bronzen Embrace
  5. Eweroun
  6. I Nattens Stilta
  7. Bluot Fuër Bluot
  8. Stikke Wound
  9. Ufirstanan Folk
  • Vratyas Vakyas

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