Origin: Sweden  
Last update/review: November 16, 2015

Fifth Reason

Fifth Reason was a Swedish band with several links to fellow metal bands, as the lineup below attests. Given the past musical offerings, the style here was not suprising, that being fast, technical, melodic Euro-metal (the band called themselves "psychotic metal").

Last Lineup

Kristian Andren

vocals (ex-Memento Mori, ex-Tad Morose)

Simon Johansson

guitars (ex-Abstrakt Algebra, Memory Garden, ex-Steel Attack, Wolf)

Marco A. Nicosia

guitars (Hexenhaus)

Marty Marteen

bass (ex-Hexenhaus, ex-Memento Mori)

Martin Larsson

drums (At The Gates)

Former Members/Guests

Oscar Tillman



1997 Heathendoom
  1. Psychotic
  2. My Friend
  3. This Journey Of Mine
  4. Above, Below And Beyond
  5. A Shadow Remains
  6. Strange Intimation
  7. In Between
  8. A Final Wish
  • Kristian Andren
  • Simon Johansson
  • Marco A. Nicosia
  • Oscar Tillman
  • Martin Larsson
1997 Readers' Album #95

With Or Without  
2000 Scarlet
  1. Nighttime Wishes
  2. Within
  3. River of Lust
  4. Day's Undone
  5. Whore
  6. Only Angels Know
  7. Mourning Glory
  8. Neverland
  • Kristian Andren
  • Simon Johansson
  • Marco A. Nicosia
  • Marty Marteen
  • Martin Larsson

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