Origin: Arizona, USA  
Last update/review: February 14, 2015


Fight was Rob Halford's first post- Judas Priest band, with a style that owed little to Priest but did sound somewhat Pantera-ish at times. After two albums and an EP, Halford disbanded the group, moving on to the more industrial-ish Two project, then back to a Priest-ish sound with his solo band Halford, before finally and inevitably returning to Priest.

Last Lineup

Rob Halford

vocals (ex-Halford, Judas Priest, ex-Two)

Brian Tilse


Mark Chaussee

guitars (ex-Coup De Grace)

Jay Jay


Scott Travis

drums (ex-Hawk, Judas Priest, ex-Racer X)

Former Members/Guests

Russ Parrish



War Of Words  
1993 Sony
  1. Into A Pit
  2. Nailed To The Gun
  3. Life In Black
  4. Immortal Sin
  5. War Of Words
  6. Laid To Rest
  7. For All Eternity
  8. Little Crazy
  9. Contortion
  10. Kill It
  11. Vicious
  12. Reality, A New Beginning
  • Rob Halford
  • Brian Tilse
  • Russ Parrish
  • Jay Jay
  • Scott Travis
1993 Readers' Album #18

Mutations  EP
1994 Sony
  1. Into the Pit (live)
  2. Nailed to the Gun (live)
  3. Freewheel Burning (live)
  4. Little Crazy (live)
  5. War of Words
  6. Kill It
  7. Vicious
  8. Immortal Sin
  9. Little Crazy (Straight Jacket Mix)
  • Rob Halford
  • Brian Tilse
  • Mark Chaussee
  • Jay Jay
  • Scott Travis

Small Deadly Space  
1994 Sony
  1. I Am Alive
  2. Mouthpiece
  3. Legacy of Hate
  4. Blowout in the Radio Room
  5. Never Again
  6. Small Deadly Space
  7. Gretna Greene
  8. Beneath the Violence
  9. Human Crate
  10. In a World of My Own Making
  • Rob Halford
  • Brian Tilse
  • Mark Chaussee
  • Jay Jay
  • Scott Travis

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