Origin: Canada  
Genres: Power Metal
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Page online: March 26, 2005
Last update/review: November 20, 2010

Forgotten Tales

Quebec is hardly a power metal hotbed (the province is far more well-known for producing extreme death metal bands), but Forgotten Tales is a capable European-influenced band from the Canadian region, having formed in 1999 and with two albums under their belts to date. Sonia Pineault is one of the few female power metal vocalists making the rounds these days (Elisa Martin of Dark Moor and Fairyland is another) -- hers is a clear, forceful, high-pitched voice, giving the band a bit of distinctiveness in an overcrowded field. The music is standard speedy melodic Euro metal in the tradition of bands like Rhapsody Of Fire or Stratovarius, well performed and executed if not original. They have a way to go to move into the major leagues of power metal, but hardened Euro fans will like this band.

Current Members

Sonia Pineault


Martin Desharnais


Patrick Vir


Michel Belanger


Former Members/Guests

Frédérick Desroches


Cédric Prévost



The Promise  
  1. Intro
  2. Word of truth
  3. Cold heart
  4. Far away
  5. Gates beyond reality
  6. Sanctuary
  7. She is falling
  8. Deadly grasp
  9. Endless dream
  10. The promise
  • Sonia Pineault
  • Martin Desharnais
  • Patrick Vir
  • Frédérick Desroches
  • Cédric Prévost

All The Sinners  
  1. The hideaway
  2. Lady of the forest
  3. All The Sinners
  4. Wind Oh Wind
  5. The message
  6. March for freedom
  7. Three wishes
  8. Fairytales
  9. My soul
  10. Magic fountain
  • Sonia Pineault
  • Martin Desharnais
  • Patrick Vir
  • Frédérick Desroches
  • Cédric Prévost

We Shall See The Light  
  1. We Shall See The Light
  2. Guardian Angel
  3. Keepers Of The Field
  4. The Reaper
  5. Diviner
  6. The Calling
  7. Howling At The Moon
  8. Broken Wings
  9. Angel Eyes
  • Sonia Pineault
  • Martin Desharnais
  • Patrick Vir
  • Michel Belanger

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