Origin: Norway  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Page online: February 24, 2006
Last update/review: November 22, 2015

Frantic Bleep

The name Frantic Bleep seems a bit misleading for this odd band, as they are neither frantic nor electronica-based as the term "bleep" might conjure up. Instead, 2005's The Sense Appparatus is kind of dark progressive metal, mixing a shade of recent Arcturus, a healthy dose of Madder Mortem (a natural, as there is shared membership), with several non-metallic elements to forge a pretty unique sound. The songs are moody, dark, usually slow-to-midpaced, with Pål Bjørke's gentle, clean vocals a perfect fit. This was one of The End prototypical signings of the time, when they monopolized the eclectic oddball metal world. The band never recorded again though there was never any official breakup announcement, the project may still be alive in some sense.

Last Lineup

BP M. Kirkevaag

vocals (Age Of Silence, Madder Mortem)

Patrick Scantlebury


Lars Gunnar Morastsæter


Eywin Sundstrøm


Trond Sand


Former Members/Guests

Pål Mozart Bjørke

bass/vocals (ex-Madder Mortem)

Kjetil Foseid


Sten Svendheim



The Sense Apparatus  
2005 The End
  1. A Survey
  2. The Expulsion
  3. Sins Of Omission
  4. ... But A Memory
  5. Mausolos
  6. Curtainraiser
  7. Mandaughter
  8. Neboulous Termini
  9. Cone
  • Pål Mozart Bjørke
  • Kjetil Foseid
  • Patrick Scantlebury
  • Eywin Sundstrøm
  • Sten Svendheim

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