Origin: Woodbridge, Virginia, USA  
Genres: Power Metal
Page online: February 18, 2009
Last update/review: January 17, 2017

Forgotten Realm

Forgotten Realm is a power metal band (naturally, power metal, with a name like that), founded by young guitar wizard Matthew Mills and featuring a couple of names in the business, namely vocalist David Fefolt (who has worked with guys like Alex Masi in the past) and one-time Manowar drummer Rhino. The group debuted in 2008 with Power And Glory, and right away, it's clear that these guys are going straight for the Euro power metal crowd. On the plus side, Fefolt's powerful, Dio/Coverdale-esque vocals put a stamp of quality on every song, and then there's Mills. The guy is a true virtuoso, as every song chock full of impressive arpeggios, fills, and solos. The downside here is the production (a bit muddled) and the songwriting, which even by power metal standards is pretty generic. Lyrics-wise, clich├ęs abound, as evidenced by the song titles, though again this is often standard issue for the genre. Only the one album was ever recorded, so the band is likely done, though Mills has recorded several albums as a solo artist.

Last Lineup

David Fefolt

vocals (ex-Hawk)

Matthew Mills


Brian Sanders


Rhino (Kenny Earl Edwards)

drums (Burning Starr, ex-Death Dealer, ex-Holyhell, ex-Manowar)


Power And Glory  
2008 Sonic Age
  1. Path To The Fire
  2. Time
  3. Heart Turned To Stone
  4. Mountain Of Dreams
  5. Eyes Of My Soul
  6. Shattered Horizons
  7. Forgotten Realm
  8. On WIngs Like The Eagle
  9. Forged In Steel
  10. Freedom Calls
  11. Man On The Silver Mountain
  • David Fefolt
  • Matthew Mills
  • Brian Sanders
  • Rhino

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