Origin: Drammen, Norway  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Page online: June 27, 2008
Last update/review: December 31, 2021


It's been a tough road for these Norwegians, with two core members passing away after recording their third album in 2002, but they have managed to keep it together, releasing the excellent From These Wounds in 2006. A band named Funeral must play doom metal of some sort, and true funeral doom might be expected as well. While it might have been that this band used to play funeral doom (their recordings date back to 1994, even debuting on the notorious American indie label Wild Rags), the style on Wounds has shifted to a more epic, melancholic doom sound, often resembling doomdeath musically though the vocals aren't in that style. Vocalist Frode Forsmo is a find, his elegant croons and chants shape the songs perfectly, giving the band a final classy touch. Extremely well-done.

Current Members

Sindre Nedland

vocals (In Vain)

Frode Forsmo

vocals/bass (ex-Old Man's Child, ex-Tulus)

Erlend Nybø


Magnus Olav Tveiten


Rune Gandrud


André Aaslie


Anders Eek

drums (guest for Clouds)

Ingvild Johannesen

violin (ex-Ram-Zet)

Former Members/Guests

Toril Snyen


Hanne Hukkelberg


Christian Loos

guitars RIP: October 23, 2006

Thomas Angell


Kjetil Ottessen


Mats Lerberg


Idar Burheim

guitars (1349)

Einar Fredriksen

bass RIP: January 10, 2003, suicide, age 30

Jon Borgerud (guest)



1994 Wild Rags
  1. Thoughts of Tranquillity
  2. A Poem for the Dead
  3. Yearning for Heaven
  • Thomas Angell
  • Einar Fredriksen
  • Anders Eek

1995 Arctic S.
  1. Taarene
  2. Under Ebony Shades
  3. Demise
  4. When Nightfall Clasps
  5. Moment in Black
  • Toril Snyen
  • Christian Loos
  • Thomas Angell
  • Einar Fredriksen
  • Anders Eek

In Fields Of Pestilent Grief  
2002 Nocturnal
  1. Yield to Me
  2. Truly a Suffering
  3. The Repentant
  4. The Stings I Carry
  5. When Light Will Dawn
  6. In Fields of Pestilent Grief
  7. Facing Failure
  8. What Could Have Been
  9. Vile are the Pains
  10. Epilogue
  • Hanne Hukkelberg
  • Christian Loos
  • Kjetil Ottessen
  • Idar Burheim
  • Einar Fredriksen
  • Anders Eek

From These Wounds  
2006 Tabu
  1. The Barren Skin
  2. From These Wounds
  3. The Architecture of Loss
  4. Red Moon
  5. Vagrant God
  6. Pendulum
  7. Saturn
  • Frode Forsmo
  • Christian Loos
  • Kjetil Ottessen
  • Jon Borgerud
  • Anders Eek

As The Light Does The Shadow  
  1. The Will To Die
  2. Those Fated To Fall
  3. The Strength To End It
  4. The Elusive Light
  5. In The Fathoms Of Wit And Reason
  6. Towards The End
  7. Let Us Die Alone
  8. The Absence Of Heaven
  9. Hunger
  10. Fallen One
  • Frode Forsmo
  • Erlend Nybø
  • Mats Lerberg
  • Jon Borgerud
  • Anders Eek

To Mourn Is A Virtue  
2011 Solitude
  1. Hunger
  2. God?
  3. Your Pain Is Mine
  4. The Poison
  5. Dancing in a Liquid Veil
  6. How Death May Linger
  7. Father
  8. Blood from the Soil
  9. Wrapped All in Woe
  • Sindre Nedland
  • Erlend Nybø
  • Mats Lerberg
  • Rune Gandrud
  • Jon Borgerud
  • Anders Eek

2012 Grau
  1. Burning with Regret
  2. Hate
  3. Break Me
  4. Song of the Knell
  5. From the Orchestral Grave
  6. Making the World My Tomb
  7. Will You Have Me?
  • Sindre Nedland
  • Erlend Nybø
  • Mats Lerberg
  • Rune Gandrud
  • Anders Eek

Praesentialis In Aeternum  
2021 Season Of Mist
  1. Ånd
  2. Materie
  3. Erindring I - Hovmod
  4. Erindring II - Fall
  5. Oppvåkning
  6. Dvelen
  • Sindre Nedland
  • Erlend Nybø
  • Magnus Olav Tveiten
  • Rune Gandrud
  • André Aaslie
  • Anders Eek
  • Ingvild Johannesen

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