Origin: Kangasala, Finland  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: July 11, 2020
Last update/review: July 11, 2020

Garden Of Worm

Hailing from the fertile doom plains that is Finland, Garden Of Worm have released two albums (plus two cassette EPs that may or may not be real releases), with the 2010 self-titled effort drawing from familiar classic doom influences. There's nothing here that hasn't been done before, but the songs are performed with class and emotion and the band belongs in the Scandinavian doom conversation.

Current Members

Erno Taipale


Sami Harju


J.M. Suvanto


Former Members/Guests

Markus Pajakala (guest)



Garden Of Worm  
2010 Shadow Kingdom
  1. Spirits of the Dead
  2. The Ceremony
  3. Rays from Heaven
  4. The Black Clouds
  5. Psychic Wolves
  6. The Alchemist's Dream
  7. Hollow
  • Erno Taipale
  • Sami Harju
  • J.M. Suvanto
  • Markus Pajakala

Idle Stones  
2015 Svart
  1. Fleeting Are the Days of Man
  2. Summer's Isle, including Caravan
  3. Desertshore
  4. Side B
  5. The Sleeper, including Being Is More than Life
  • Erno Taipale
  • Sami Harju
  • J.M. Suvanto

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