Origin: New York, New York, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Last update/review: February 26, 2020

Grey Skies Fallen

Though hailing from New York City, Grey Skies Fallen has quite a European vibe going. Formed in 1996 as Eve Of Mourning, the band released a couple of demos before a lineup solidified, during which the name change to Grey Skies Fallen took place, and finally their debut arrived in 1999. The Fate Of Angels sees the band playing a sort of somber, melancholy semi-doom metal that can be likened to mid-period My Dying Bride among others. There's a majestic quality to the songs, with guitars and keyboards intertwining well to create an orchestral mood, and both death and clean vocals are present (more of the latter), both to good effect. The Fate Of Angels is a solid and recommended doom metal album.

A second album, Tomorrow's In Doubt, was released in 2002, before the band decided to call it a day in March of 2003 following the departure of a core member and a general feeling that the band's style had changed to much to continue under the GSF banner. But the breakup was short-lived, as they were back in business by June of that year. With a style less doomy in nature (self-described as "dark rock"), a new demo was recorded in 2004, followed by Two Way Mirror in 2006. Since then the band had been put on indefinite hiatus, though not formally disbanded.

Last Lineup

Rick Habeeb


Tom Anderer


Sal Gregory


Former Members/Guests

Joe D'Angelo


Joe Sanci


Chris Montalbano


Jimmy White


Dave Case (guest)

bass (Helmet)

Craig Rossi


Aaron Williams



The Fate Of Angels  
1999 Nightfall
  1. The Purest Form
  2. The Great Fall
  3. Spiral Dreams
  4. This Burden I Bear
  5. Drawn to Earth
  6. Dawn
  7. When the Rains Come
  8. Athena
  9. Shadowburn
  10. Walk this Bloody Path
  11. The Fate of Angels
  • Rick Habeeb
  • Joe D'Angelo
  • Chris Montalbano
  • Craig Rossi
  • Aaron Williams

Tomorrow's In Doubt  
  1. Intro
  2. The Essence of Motion
  3. Dream the Day Away
  4. Tomorrow's in Doubt
  5. Silent Cry
  6. Let Me Breathe
  7. Fragments
  • Rick Habeeb
  • Joe Sanci
  • Jimmy White
  • Craig Rossi
  • Sal Gregory

Two Way Mirror  
2006 Xanthos
  1. Blue
  2. Drift
  3. Two Way Mirror
  4. The Opposite of Up
  5. This Sinking Feeling
  6. Forget the Past
  7. The Few
  8. Carry On
  • Rick Habeeb
  • Joe D'Angelo
  • Jimmy White
  • Craig Rossi
  • Sal Gregory

Along Came Life  EP
2010 iTunes
  1. Grand Scheme of Things
  2. By the Wayside
  3. Forever and a Day
  4. Along Came Life
  • Rick Habeeb
  • Joe D'Angelo
  • Jimmy White
  • Craig Rossi
  • Sal Gregory

Introspective  EP
2012 self-released
  1. Everything and Nothing at All
  2. When Promise Lies
  3. Introspective
  • Rick Habeeb
  • Dave Case
  • Craig Rossi
  • Sal Gregory

The Many Sides Of Truth  
  1. Ritual of the Exiter
  2. Unroot Transparent Being
  3. The Flame
  4. Of the Ancients
  5. Isolation Point
  6. End of My Rope
  7. Winter Hand
  • Rick Habeeb
  • Joe Sanci
  • Tom Anderer
  • Craig Rossi
  • Sal Gregory

Cold Dead Lands  
2020 independent
  1. Visions from the Last Sunset
  2. Cold Dead Lands
  3. Procession to the Tombs
  4. Picking Up the Pieces
  5. Ways of the World
  6. After the Summer Comes the Fall
  • Rick Habeeb
  • Tom Anderer
  • Sal Gregory

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