Origin: Arlington, Texas, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Gammacide were part of the massive wave of thrash bands that appeared near the end of the 80's and into the early nineties. Their approach was particularly frenzied and aggressive, though not really radically different from many of their peers, with their lyrics based in social/environmental issues of the day. Guitarist Rick Perry later decided to move in a different direction, forming the industrial metal band Puncture, while vocalist Varnam Ponville and guitarist Scott Shelby moved to Louisiana and eventually formed a band called Cauldron, releasing a 1997 album entitled For The Love Of Pain. The group did get together in 2004 to record two new tracks, that are now part of the CD re-release of their sole album, Victims Of Science.

Last Lineup

Varnam Ponville


Scott Shelby

guitars (Warbeast)

Rick Perry

guitars (ex-Puncture)

Eric Roy

bass RIP: October 2, 2001, murder, age 40

Jamey Milford



Victims Of Science  
1989 Wild Rags
  1. Endangered Species
  2. Fossilized
  3. Shock Treatment
  4. Victims of Science
  5. Gutter Rats
  6. Walking Plague
  7. Chemical Imbalance
  8. Incubus
  9. Observations
  10. Crackdown (*)
  11. Ballistic (*)
  12. Forces Of Nature (*)
  13. Sex Cult (*)
  14. Against The Grain (*)
  15. Vapor Lock (*)
  • Varnam Ponville
  • Scott Shelby
  • Rick Perry
  • Eric Roy
  • Jamey Milford

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