Origin: Portland, Oregon, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: December 31, 2004


Gargoyle was one of many 80's bands who managed a release or two, only to fade away before making serious inroads to stardom. Their album features a pretty typical style for the time, with high-pitched clear vocals from Tim Lachman and a classy American power metal sound. Of interest is that this was an early band for Patrick Lachman (brother of vocalist Tim), most recently seen as the singer for Damageplan.

Last Lineup

Tim Lachman


Patrick Lachman

guitars (ex-Damageplan, Diesel Machine, ex-Halford)

Kevin Sanders


Doug Smith


David Kendall

drums/backing vocals


Limited Edition EP  
1988 New Renaissance

1988 New Renaissance
  1. Nothing Is Sacred
  2. The Burning
  3. Aryan Diplomacy
  4. Final Victory
  5. Look Homeward
  6. Out From The Shadows
  7. Dark Mirror Dream
  8. Blind Faith
  9. Down To The Ground
  • Tim Lachman
  • Patrick Lachman
  • Kevin Sanders
  • Doug Smith
  • David Kendall

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