Origin: England  
Genres: Hard Rock
Last update/review: November 21, 2002


A hard rock/borderline metal band from the early eighties, Girl is historically significant for being an early band for Phil Lewis (later of LA Guns) and Phil Collen (later of Def Leppard). With the exception of a few songs from the debut, most of their material was in the poppy hard rock arena rather than real metal. They did garner some decent reviews at the time but never really made any serious inroads to stardom. It's not clear whether Collen's and Lewis' departures caused the band to fold or if they left after the breakup of the band.

Last Lineup

Phil Lewis


Gerry Laffy


Phil Collen

guitars (Def Leppard)

Simon Laffy


Pete Barnacle


Former Members/Guests

Dave Gaynor



Sheer Greed  
1980 CBS
  1. Hollywood Tease
  2. The Things You Say
  3. Lovely Lorraine
  4. Strawberries
  5. Little Miss Ann
  6. Doctor, Doctor
  7. Do You Love Me
  8. Take Me Dancing
  9. Whats Up
  10. Passing Clouds
  11. My Number
  12. Heartbreak America
  • Phil Lewis
  • Gerry Laffy
  • Phil Collen
  • Simon Laffy
  • Dave Gaynor

Wasted Youth  
1982 CBS
  1. Thru The Twilight
  2. Old Dogs
  3. Ice In The Blood
  4. Wasted Youth
  5. Standard Romance
  6. Nice 'N' Nasty
  7. McKitty's Back
  8. 19
  9. Overnight Angels
  10. Sweet Kids
  • Phil Lewis
  • Gerry Laffy
  • Phil Collen
  • Simon Laffy
  • Pete Barnacle

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