Origin: Norway  
Genres: Doom Metal
Last update/review: September 27, 2004


There were at least two metal bands named Godsend over the years, one a short-termed project featuring former Sabbat guitarist Andy Sneap, and this one, basically a solo project for Swedish guitarist Gunder Dragsten. He recruited Dan Swanö and Benny Larsson from Edge Of Sanity for the first album, recruiting an entire different lineup for In The Electric Mist, and then returning to Swanö and friends for the third album (the only album reviewed here). A Wayfarer's Tears is classic Swedish doom, a la early Candlemass with a clear production (the razor-sharp guitars are especially Candlemass-like) and appropriately haunting vocals from Swanö. Three tracks on the end of the CD come from their first demo, hinting at a rougher style of doom early in this band's career. Dragsten has since retired from the music business.

Last Lineup

Dan Swanö

vocals/keyboards (ex-Bloodbath, ex-Edge Of Sanity, ex-Godgory, ex-Karaboudjan, Nightingale, ex-Pan-Thy-Monium, Dan Swanö, Witherscape)

Gunder Audun Dragsten

rhythm guitar/keyboards

Tomas Steinscherer

lead guitar

Erik Oskarsson

bass (Nightingale)

Benny Larsson

drums (ex-Edge Of Sanity, ex-Ophthalamia, ex-Pan-Thy-Monium)

Former Members/Guests

Per Morten Kjöl


Tom Wahl


Tommy Sebastian Halseth

bass (ex-Atrox, ex-Griffin, ex-Manes)

Henrik Pettersen

drums (ex-Carpathian Full Moon)


As The Shadows Fall  
1993 Holy
  1. Slaydream
  2. As The Shadows Fall
  3. With The Wind Comes The Rain
  4. Autumn Leaves
  5. Spiritual Loneliness
  6. Beyond The Mist Of Memories
  7. My Lost Love
  8. Walking The Roads Of The Unbeheld
  9. Silence Of Time
  • Dan Swanö
  • Gunder Audun Dragsten
  • Benny Larsson

In The Electric Mist  
1995 Holy
  1. Down Upon You
  2. Nobody Home
  3. Life Must Go On
  4. In The Bitter Waters
  5. Clarion Call
  6. Voyage In Oblivion
  7. The Sun Will Shine Again
  8. Lost
  9. Under Silver Linings
  10. Tranquillity
  • Per Morten Kjöl
  • Gunder Audun Dragsten
  • Tom Wahl
  • Tommy Sebastian Halseth
  • Henrik Pettersen

A Wayfarer's Tears  
1997 Holy
  1. Delusions Of Grandure
  2. Sermon
  3. Galactic Galleon
  4. Eidolon
  5. A Wayfarer's Tears Part I
  6. A Wayfarer's Tears Part Ii
  7. A Wayfarer's Tears Part Iii
  8. A Wayfarer's Tears Part Iv
  9. A Wayfarer's Tears Part V
  10. Starfall
  11. Slaydream
  12. Silence Of Time
  • Dan Swanö
  • Gunder Audun Dragsten
  • Tomas Steinscherer
  • Erik Oskarsson
  • Benny Larsson

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